To be as successful as possible, a business needs to not only meet its clients’ expectations but exceed them. With more than 62% of companies regarding customer experience as a significant competitive differentiator according to Deloitte, the drive to exceed customer expectations is more important than ever.

Come in Early on a Deadline

The happy surprise of early delivery will nearly always delight a client and demonstrates a business’s efficient, customer-centric nature. Therefore, it can be a good idea to agree to a deadline knowing full well that it can be beaten.

Go the Extra Mile

Always going that little bit further for a client serves to keep loyal customers and, through word-of-mouth, attract new ones. Successful entrepreneurs like Rob Tolley (former London broker) know that always thinking of ways to create memorable experiences for the customer is key, and taking the opportunity to go the extra mile whenever possible will pay off.

Have a Collegial Attitude

Rather than an attitude of deference, it’s preferable to maintain a collegial attitude in relationships with clients. Collegiality can inspire confidence and respect – and most clients would prefer to work with an equal with whom they have good rapport.

Ask Astute Questions

Asking pointed, proactive questions can demonstrate genuine interest and focus to a client and help the business better meet their needs. Engaging with the client in a way that shows foresight and a skill for process efficiency sends a great message and is an important means of putting their mind at rest and exceeding expectations.

Offer Proactive Support

Proactive support means anticipating clients’ needs and is a key element of exceeding expectations. As well as showing clients that the business cares about their experience, this also demonstrates a commitment to providing exceptional service and develops trust. Taking the lead to provide proactive support can be a great way to stand out from the competition.

Create Consistency

Create a process to ensure consistency across all channels and put together a guide for employees that sets out, for example, a set script for client communications. A workflow chart can be used to check whether customers are being well served at every touchpoint.

Always Follow Up with Clients

Successful business leaders such as Rob Tolley know that gauging client satisfaction by conducting a follow-up phone call or survey can deliver crucial insight. It also shows clients that their experience is of fundamental importance to the business. The results of this feedback can be crucial in making improvements to the product or service offered.

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